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Throughout our lives we’ve been exposed to wounding, trauma and conditioning that has sent many aspects of our true self – our emotions, our gifts, strengths and talents – flying into the darkness of our shadow and with them our natural ability to fully trust in ourselves, manifest our highest potential, and live our lives from a place of love, not fear.

When this happens we get caught in repetitive and debilitating patterns which either keep us in lockdown, make us run for the hills or constantly put up a fight – never moving forward and caught in a vicious cycle between mind, emotion and feeling, avoiding each of them at all costs.

Through my own transformational journey, I have created the Shadow Walking Process, to help many Women, like you, hone in on these blockages, by getting to the root quickly, and releasing any suppressed emotions trapped there. However, this is not your typical therapy, where we ask a therapist to ‘fix’ us, I am simply your guide, and I put all the power to self-heal into your hands, this is your work, your life, and you are fully responsible for its healing journey. This is truly a process of self-empowerment.

Hi, I’m Nicola, Soul Shaman, Shadow Coach and Change Agent who is passionate about shattering the illusion of a fear-based reality, to help Women create life-changing shifts to step up their game and reach their true potential.

I have spent the past five years kicking and screaming my way down the path into the depth of my own shadow, where I have been ripped to shreds, challenged to let go of all my attachments and break the taboos which have kept me trapped and living an unfulfilled life.

Through this experiential process, my Shamanic training, and working with clients I have had the honour of exploring in depth the relationship between the soul and shadow and the will of both to break free from our stories which keep us drained of vital energy and chained to a past which no longer exists except in the memory and stops us from fully feeling, being and living in the present moment. The only time when anything is ever happening and the power of magic exists.

I now take 110% responsibility for every aspect of my life, no longer taking any shit from anyone else, understand and know how to use my voice as an agent for change rather than drama, and live my life according to my own truth and my own rules. Quite frankly….I’ve never been happier, more balanced and more in love with the world and who I am within it.

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Gail McAleeseShadow Walking with Nicola resulted in me journeying right to the core of the Mother Wound which I have been carrying for most of this lifetime. Nicola holds space with integrity, compassion and love; the trust I feel when working with her empowers me to delve deep into unravelling the source of some of my self-destructive patterns and behaviours, no matter how painful.

Nicola’s teaching and wisdom have then taught me how to bring those shadow parts into balance. Translating that into everyday life: I can easily say that my life is transforming and changing at a rapid rate. I have discovered self-love, courage and personal boundaries. Feelings of guilt and shame are fading and diminishing.

Relationships with some family members are improving, most importantly with my Mum and Dad. Nicola has helped me to find my voice and gradually I am working towards standing in my truth. What does that mean? It means that I am no longer afraid to be me. This is only the beginning and I’m excited about what is to come.

Gail, Marine Geophysicist

Katherine BetteridgeI had Shadow Walking Sessions with Nicola during an extremely traumatic period in my life. She helped me through and provided me with many tools that were essential during that time, tools which I can continue to use in my ongoing healing process.

The shadow work itself was invaluable and I have learnt a great deal from it, most importantly how to trust myself and set healthy boundaries. I would recommend Shadow Walking with Nicola to anyone who wants to start to get to the bottom of why painful patterns in their lives keep recurring and begin to look at these things square on, thus beginning to remove the control they have over us.

Also to anyone who wants to embrace themselves in their entirety and finally get in touch with the denied parts; moving towards an empowered place of self-love, self-acceptance and wholeness.

Katherine, Musician

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