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Nicola Lucie, is a Shamanic Practitioner, Shadow Work Coach and the Founder of the Feminine Principle, who is passionate about supporting women who are on a journey of self-discovery, empowering them to redefine their relationship with themselves, others and Mother Earth, through the power of the unseen magic hidden in their unconscious.


Nicola Lucie - Shadow Work Coach


”Shadow Walking with Nicola was invaluable and I have learnt a great deal from it, most importantly how to trust myself and set healthy boundaries. I would recommend Shadow Walking to anyone who wants to start to get to the bottom of why painful patterns in their lives keep recurring and begin to look at these things square on, thus beginning to remove the control they have over us.”

Katherine, Musician

”Nicola’s teaching and wisdom have then taught me how to bring those shadow parts into balance. Translating that into everyday life: I can easily say that my life is transforming and changing at a rapid rate. I have discovered self-love, courage and personal boundaries. Feelings of guilt and shame are fading and diminishing. It means that I am no longer afraid to be me. This is only the beginning and I’m excited about what is to come.”

Gail, Marine Geophysicist

” The profound realisations and healing, past, present and ancestral, that have come to me from the Shadow Walking sessions are such a relief. My exhale is so much more unrestricted. All I can say is you’d have to meet Nicola to get a glimpse of the sweetness she exudes. I believe she possesses a gift so pure and unobtrusive that great healing and realisations are sure to follow. ”

Lisa McCabe, Yoga Teacher & Massage Therapist


The voice from the shadows in black and white to be heard and shared, to inspire and empower.

What Happens When We Say Yes When We Mean No

Have you ever said yes when really you meant to say no? Or vice versa, said no when really you meant to say yes? How much did that decision cost you? Emotionally, mentally, physically, sexually, financially? We learn how to use these two very powerful words growing up, shaped by those around us, and never really getting to understand the true depth of their meaning. The use of yes and no are rooted in our fundamental [...]

My Journey Healing PMDD Naturally

Back in 2007, at the age of 32, I made the decision to terminate a pregnancy, a decision which would change my life forever. You see, truth be told, deep down I really wanted to have the child, however, I was so afraid of Motherhood, of making the decision to become a Mother, as my greatest fear would be to abandon my child, just like my own biological mother did with me. So instead of [...]


Shadow Work is not simply a healing modality, it's a way of life, a change in perception and an expansion of consciousness. It's a labour of love for thyself, for humanity and for planet earth. It's a walk back home into the body, the present moment, and away from everything that gave us a false sense of identity. Therefore, to really understand exactly who we are, we will have to enter into a deep and profound [...]


We have been conditioned to measure our success on the numbers game. The more numbers we have the more successful we are. Yet, this is the conditioning of the old paradigm. Keeping us measuring, comparing, competing against each other. Keeping us outside of self rather than at home in our body. The numbers game keeps us focused on our lack, on our inferiority. It keeps us aspiring to the never attainable goal of never being [...]