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Are you ready to REVEAL, HEAL and INTEGRATE all that has been hidden in your unconscious- in your shadow realm?

To live your life, YOUR WAY, free from the limiting beliefs and constricted behaviour you have systematically conditioned yourself into from a very early age….

to fit in,

to belong,

to be accepted and loved,

to be ‘taken care of’?

Are you who ready to make the commitment to enrich and empower your life and the lives of others to change the status quo and create a better world, one of equality, harmony and balance?

Are you ready to stop looking outside yourself for everything you ‘think’ you need to give you a sense of safety, security, and stability and a sense of identity and belonging?

Are you ready to build a strong inner foundation, develop your personal power and take full responsibility for every aspect of your life?


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Nicola LucieI’m Nicola Lucie, Shamanic Practitioner & Shadow Work Coach 

I support women in revealing, healing and integrating all that is hidden in their unconscious – their shadow realm, not just the wounding, trauma and conditioning they have been exposed to, but also the gifts, strengths and talents they have lost along the way.

I do this through the potent magic of Shadow Walking, a deep meditative process that weaves together Shadow Integration Techniques, Shamanic Healing Methods, Quantum Connection, Body Consciousness and Emotional Intelligence with Personal Power and Responsibility. 

You see, I know it’s not easy being different… 

It’s not easy when you don’t fit in. It’s not easy being the black sheep of the family. It’s not easy being on a path to find out exactly who you are.

Put up for adoption by my birth mother at the age of 2,  I was nurtured through life by my maternal grandmother. The only ‘dark’ girl in my family and in my community, I knew from an early age how it felt to be different, to not fit in, having to always explain why I was different. However, the Mother wound and the origins of my colour have shaped my entire life. They are the foundations of my path of self-discovery, of who I am today and the work I am here to do.

What this journey taught me and continues to teach me every single day, is that everybody has the ability to fit-in – not into the societal, familial and cultural norms forced fed to us – but to fit into our very own being, and not give a damn what everybody else thinks.

Over time it has taught me everything I know about myself and the intricacies of human nature and human connection. It has given me the foundation to create and develop my life’s work –  Shadow Walking – weaving together knowledge and wisdom of the shadow, soul and psyche, with Jungian psychology, transpersonal counselling, shamanism, soul retrieval, ancestral healing, womb wisdom, quantum healing, body-consciousness, and emotional intelligence.

It has provided the basis to support women to expand their human consciousness through re-connection with the body and the emotions, providing a safe and contained space to explore their inner cosmos to reveal, heal and integrate unconscious patterns, limiting beliefs and disempowering behaviours that have been caused by wounding, trauma and conditioning they have been exposed to.

I am also an advocate for rebalancing women’s health naturally – physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally and sexually – and an advocate for healing after abortion, and the fractured relationships with the Mother, aspects of women’s psychology I am deeply passionate about.

I am also the creator and facilitator of – MAIDEN MOTHER CRONE – a unique 4-wk online workshop healing and empowering the feminine through shadow integration work.



”Shadow Walking with Nicola was invaluable and I have learnt a great deal from it, most importantly how to trust myself and set healthy boundaries. I would recommend Shadow Walking to anyone who wants to start to get to the bottom of why painful patterns in their lives keep recurring and begin to look at these things square on, thus beginning to remove the control they have over us.”

Katherine, Musician

”Nicola’s teaching and wisdom have then taught me how to bring those shadow parts into balance. Translating that into everyday life: I can easily say that my life is transforming and changing at a rapid rate. I have discovered self-love, courage and personal boundaries. Feelings of guilt and shame are fading and diminishing. It means that I am no longer afraid to be me. This is only the beginning and I’m excited about what is to come.”

Gail, Marine Geophysicist

” The profound realisations and healing, past, present and ancestral, that have come to me from the Shadow Walking sessions are such a relief. My exhale is so much more unrestricted. All I can say is you’d have to meet Nicola to get a glimpse of the sweetness she exudes. I believe she possesses a gift so pure and unobtrusive that great healing and realisations are sure to follow. ”

Lisa McCabe, Yoga Teacher & Massage Therapist


The voice from the shadows in black and white to be heard and shared, to inspire and empower.

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