Nicola Lucie - Shadow WorkHi & Welcome, I’m Nicola Lucie, Shamanic Practitioner and Creator the 1:1 Shadow Walking Process.

I’ve always been a rebel, I’ve always been different, and I’ve always lived my life on the fringes never quite fitting into anything. One of my greatest gifts nurtured through this rebellion is the power to be able to read between the lines. To be able to see the hidden aspects of what makes us human. To be able to see how we have been woven into the ideals and beliefs, behaviours and dreams of those around us. Through our families, friends and peers. Through those in society and education, religion and governments, institutions and empires. Through exposure to our environment across lands and cultures.

I have a tendency to question and rebel against everything which asks me to conform. To play the game, to be a good girl and don’t rock the boat.

I have always been free-spirited. Sometimes living in the box of a force-fed illusion, yet most of the time living outside it. I have spent decades observing human nature, and how we are a construct of systematic conditioning, to the point we don’t know who we are anymore.

Through my own experience, following the threads of my personal story, I have explored the needs and impulses behind decisions. Decisions which would mould and shape my life, decisions made by me, and decisions made for me by others. Decisions, in which, one way or another, would make me who I am today giving me a sense of identity. No matter whether those decisions were for the right or wrong reasons, or went against my natural grain.

I started to read between the lines of decisions, and explore how people’s decisions affected my own life, those around me and the world at large and in doing so I became aware of how connected we all are. I began to deepen my understanding of how decisions always start from a thought form, a belief, or behaviour, and how each of these has the potency to set off a chain of events we may feel powerless to control. Yet, with a deep sense of knowing, somehow we do have the power to change how these decisions affect us. This opened another thread of reflection, which would take me down another path of exploration, digging ever deeper into the human psyche, and finally into the depth and magic of the shadow and the soul.

I’ve always believed in the existence of the soul, one of the many teachings I received from my Grandmother, an amazing lady I had the honour of calling Mum and who saved me from a life in care when I put up for adoption at an early age. She always used to call me ‘her special little soul”, she taught me about the passage of the soul and how she had no ownership over me, as I was only on loan while she guided me through life. Yet, the soul was elusive, and confined in an obscure way to religion, and was never even mentioned during my years of reading Psychology at University. The soul was an aspect of myself I had to learn from the inside out, through deep inner communication opened to me through the shamanic path.

By rebelling, observing and questioning everything, experiencing and experimenting with life through the polarities, challenging and breaking every taboo which threatened to put me in and keep me in a box, I’m finding my way through my own human journey. I’ve dived into every wound and every trauma I have been exposed to, not afraid of being in the dark and what I will have to face. I became the archaeologist of my own soul, knowing that somewhere, inside I would find the truth of who I am. I am walking the path of non-attachment, finding my way living outside the matrix, and de-conditioning myself as I go along, allowing those threads of my false sense of self to fall away and every time I find myself in conflict, I know I am breaking out of another carefully constructed shell to reveal another aspect of my soul.

One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned so far on this journey called life is we will continue to be force-fed by the powers that be, while we continue to sleepwalk through life absorbing, consuming, chasing everything outside of ourselves which we believe will give us safety, security and stability, comfort, acceptance and love. Anything outside of self which will give us a sense of our identity. And the more we each engage with the process of individuation, with attention and awareness, intention, will and imagination, facing our fears, and embodying our emotions the more empowered we become to effect real and lasting change on the outside, helping and supporting Mother Earth and all her inhabitants to live in a more healthy and balanced way.

As with all life we return back to the beginning, back to the root. Shadow Walking is not just a 1:1 process, it is a way of life. A changing of our perception to see the totality of our very being, as an individual as part of the collective. It is a body of inner work, understanding and the realisation we are so much more than we believe ourselves to be. It explores the very tapestry of what makes us human, weaving together the psychological and the spiritual, the physical, emotional, and sexual, the magical and the transcendent.

For this reason, it does not fit into any of the pre-ordained boxes. It does not fit into the realm of academia and the classical, clinical psychological pathways, as it challenges those very constructs. It does not fit into the holistic new age realm as it challenges the concept that we need others to ‘fix’ us. Thus it walks it’s own path, finding its own way into one’s own, unique individual revolution, waiting for those who are truly willing to step up and step in. Those who are not afraid of thinking and moving outside of the box. Those who are not afraid of changing the world from the inside out.


BA/BSc in Psychology and Women’s Studies from London Metropolitan
Way of the Shaman – Sacred Trust
Soul Retrival Training – Sacred Trust
3-yr Professional Shamanic Practitioner Training – Sacred Trust
Way of the Melissae – Sacred Trust
The Spinners & The Weavers – Sacred Trust
House and Land Healing – Cait Brannigan
The Shaman’s Journey From Wounded Healer To Wholeness – Imelda Almvqvist
The Shaman’s Way of Healing Spirit Intrusion – Imelda Almvqvist
Advanced Ancestral Healing – Imelda Almvqvist

I’ve also walked a deeply enriching personal path with homeopathy and evolutionary astrology, Vipassana Meditation, Somatic Experience, Tantric Practices for Women, along with 5 Rhythms and Chinese Medicine.

I facilitate Shadow Work events, workshops, and retreats online and around the globe. My first book, ‘Shadow Walking – Empower Your Spirit, Liberate Your Soul with Shadow Integration Work’ is due for release soon.

If you would like to bring my work to your area, then I would love to hear from you, so please do get in touch here.

Are You Ready to Step Up Your Game & Change the World From the Inside Out?