We Are All On A Path To Know Thyself

Nicola Lucie - Shadow Work CoachBorn in Lancashire, UK my journey to know who I truly am has taken me to the depths of my soul through deep enquiry and experimentation to find what feels right!

A path which led me to study a BA/BSc in Psychology and Women’s Studies, a corporate life in London, a move to Italy which became my spiritual home, jobs from waitressing to UX Designer, to a self-employed web designer to a Shamanic Practitioner and Shadow Work Coach.

I have travelled across lands and cultures looking for a place to call home, leaving behind all my belongings and putting everything I owned into a suitcase and a rucksack. I have let go of all that gave me a false sense of my identity, including the threads of my family, and the place where I was born. I have volunteered along the way to learn how to live sustainably, inline with my core values and personal philosophy, and not sacrifice myself along the way.

A journey which is ongoing, challenging, and yet so very much liberating, as every layer I shed, I find more of myself.

Growing up, I knew what it was like to be different, to not fit in and be the black sheep of the family.

I was the only dark-skinned girl in my all-white family and community, brought up by my maternal Grandparents after my biological mother gave me up for adoption at the age of 2. Not knowing my biological father, a big question mark over my ethnicity, and living in a family that puzzled me, I found myself constantly seeking to find out who I really was inside, questioning everything that made me fit into a box that didn’t make any sense and therefore always found myself on the outside, on the fringes, looking in.

When menarche hit followed by my journey into womanhood, navigating my reproductive self, led me down an unhealthy and unbalanced path with my body, my sexual power, and motherhood, that left me confused and disempowered, feeling used and abused, full of shame and guilt.

My healing journey began with a pregnancy, and so full of fear of saying yes to motherhood in case I too abandoned my own child, I said no instead and chose to terminate and this decision would break me in two, as not long afterwards I developed PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder) a very severe form of PMS, where you completely lose your mind for 10-14days of your cycle. This healing physical, emotional and psychological crisis, would lead me home back into my body to heal myself naturally, and subsequently open me to the depth of who I was through the shamanic path.

The journey took me on a voyage into the intelligence of my body

Nicola LucieListening deeply, feeling my emotions and connecting the dots of what was hidden beneath the surface, the unresolved trauma surrounding my birth, healing the unhealthy relationship with motherhood through owning and engaging with my own sexual behaviour. Taking responsibility for the decision to terminate life rather than give it and awaken to my own internal navigation system to communicate consciously my needs, no longer saying yes, when I meant no and vice versa.

Through this process of deep self-enquiry, the shamanic path and the wisdom of the soul’s journey, I was able to answer the questions that had haunted me throughout my life and make peace with them by coming to know who I was on a deeper level, connected and rooted within.

I was able to hone in and master my unique gift of being able to walk between the worlds and see the unseen aspects hidden buried in the unconscious, having a deep understanding of the intricately woven thread that connects us all, through the decisions we make, what we believe and how we behave, individually and collectively. The threads that weave through the tapestry of our past, present and future across lifetimes, generations, cultures and lands.

I have come to know and understand we all have a purpose,

Nicola LucieA calling of the soul, that makes us unique, with passions and strengths that drives us to create and live the way we choose. That most of these aspects are buried in our unconscious, in that dark cavernous space within waiting for the moment when we are called to reclaim them as our own.

Through this learning of self-discovery, self-awareness and self-empowerment, I now support women to tap into who they truly are beneath the surface of their carefully constructed reality to engage with their true nature, their true identity and finally be at one, at home and present in the body, that is home to their soul, living an enriched and embodied life full of purpose, possibility and wonder.

Are You Ready To Unlock the Unseen Aspects of What is Hidden in Your Unconscious?