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Hiding from yourself has become second nature. It has become one of your default states. Yet have you stopped to wonder who exactly it is you're hiding from? Are you hiding from yourself or from others? What are you hiding from yourself or from others? What are you scared of seeing, or being seen within you? Do you fear being rejected, ridiculed, [...]

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Walking in the darkness is the path to finding your true self. The path we must take if we are to truly know thyself. Know the truth of our soul. Yet the darkness within is an aspect of self we have been conditioned to fear. Our darkness is not good, not holy, not sacred, nor clean. It is evil, wrong, and hysterical. [...]

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What Happens When We Create Healthy Boundaries?

When we start to create healthy boundaries, we must be prepared for our carefully constructed lives to fall apart. Watch how people react. Watch how we trigger people. Watch how others respond to the truthful version of self. They may not like us. I can guarantee it's not going to be comfortable because the more we assert our boundaries the more we [...]

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There comes a time when all we have left are the tears we have not cried. Tears for our soul. We have done so much work, and come so far, and yet there is still a river inside of us which has not been allowed to flow. As we have struggled through the depths of our abused, neglected, rejected, abandoned, exiled selves, [...]

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How Keeping Secrets Keep Us Trapped

Keeping secrets keep us bound and gagged. We hold them in the dark place under lock and key, wrapped in shame and guilt. We cover them in dismissal and denial and continue to run and hide from them. Secrets hold us locked in events of the past, preventing us from living in the present and manifesting the future. They keep us trapped [...]

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Why You Have Bad Habits

Have you ever wondered why you have bad habits? Bad habits are created from our wounding, trauma and conditioning. Yet what are these bad habits actually stopping us from doing? What are they stopping us from achieving? How are they stopping us from making our mark on the world? Our habits are learned patterns of behaviour we have implemented to stop us [...]

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Why Having a Breakdown is Essential to Breakthrough

Why is having a breakdown essential to having a breakthrough? When we engage with life, with our learning process, with our inner work, we start to see, understand and accept how the process of death is necessary for the process of birth. Change, for example, a part of the death and rebirth process comes so that we can let go of what [...]

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How To Work With Psychological Projection

How many times have you judged someone for being too fat, too thin, too good, too bad, too controlling, too weak, too noisy, too nosey, too rich, too poor, too this, too that? This is the art of psychological projection. How many times have you blamed someone for hurting you, for making you suffer, for causing you pain, for making you cry? [...]

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