Integrity Agreement - Nicola Lucie


You are here because the work I offer somehow resonates with you and are curious to find out more.

I work on the basis of this agreement, which puts value on integrity. I believe in the work I offer, and I believe in the vision that we all have the possibility to change the world from the inside out through the potent magic of Shadow Integration Work, and we can do it fast, rather than spending numerous years and a lot of money in traditional therapy.

Time, money and energy are valuable assets and should not be wasted, should not be used to keep us disempowered, should not be used as a measuring stick to state our value, our self-worth, and keep us in a false sense of identity.

We have the right to live an empowered and thriving life….TODAY! Not in the future, when this or that happens, but right here, right now.

We are powerful, we are possible yet it starts from a place of integrity, commitment, honesty and trust.

I have worked with many people, and the transformation has been tremendous for them and a gift and an honour for me to witness. I have witnessed the moment they have reclaimed their voice, their personal power, and broke free from some of the most debilitating patterns and relationships which have overshadowed their lives. I have seen them find their wings and fly.


The word integrity evolved from the Latin adjective integer, meaning whole or complete, and therefore not fractured, divided, nor separated as we, as human beings have come to be, individually and collectively. We have quite simply become fractured and separated from our true sense of identity. Integrity is also interpreted as having strong moral principles, honesty, honour, commitment, ethics, virtue, decency, fairness, sincerity, truthfulness, trustworthiness, and respect. If we are truly going to help the paradigm shift integrity absolutely MUST be the starting point of every interaction, transaction, contribution, co-creation we enter into.


Honesty is at the heart of Shadow Integration Work and therefore reflects constantly in our lives. If we able to look at one’s self, with open-hearted honesty, the good and the bad, to see and own all aspects of self, then we are on our way to living a life of wholeness and integrity. If we are dishonest then we will manifest dishonesty in others, creating negative cycles which feed unhealthy patterns of mistrust and disillusionment.


Shadow Integration Work takes commitment, first and foremost to your own inner journey, your own transformation. If you are willing to commit to transforming your life from the inside out, then you will develop quickly the tools to get unstuck, come out of hiding, and let go of your past by dissolving your patterns and conditioning to realise your true sense of identity. With commitment, your word has value, your financial commitment has value, and therefore your value and self-worth, your personal power and voice have value.


Trust is one of the foundation blocks of our personal power, yet not many of us truly trust thyself, nor others. We can be too trusting or not enough and this reflects consistently in our personal boundaries. Shadow Integration Work takes trust in thyself to truly heal thyself, and therefore the more this is reinforced in the work, the more it vibrates out into our lives and touches all of our relationships.


By deciding to engage in the work I offer I trust you to make a commitment to the work, and to yourself, to make the necessary changes in your life to make the ‘fix stick’. In return, I honour my commitment to support you in evolving your level of consciousness to bring about great inner awareness and transformation.

I also trust you to come into the work from a place of trust – ready to trust in your own process, and your own power to face and heal thyself. To own who you are and what you have come here to share, so you can help yourself and others make the paradigm shift. To also trust in me as your guide, for I am not your teacher, you are your own teacher. I am not your healer, you are your own healer. I am simply here to hold space for you to discover exactly who you are without all that conditioning and that takes trust!

When we enter into an agreement based on integrity, we align ourselves once again with natural law and our own moral code of ethics. We begin to move away from a financial currency and towards a currency of integrity. We immediately begin to notice a change in our own vibration, one which is more open, honest and transparent, moving away from fear and control to love, confidence in self, trust and a higher standard of self-worth. A vibration which then has the power to ripple outwards and touch every relationship we have or enter into on a personal and public sphere.

This is my commitment to you. This is my commitment to the collective. This is my commitment to helping and supporting this paradigm shift. This is my commitment to creating a new, healthy blueprint for the next generations.

The question is, are you really dedicated to changing your life from the inside out?