• High levels of stress
  • Divorce, separation or infidelity
  • Illness, disease, malaise, PTSD, chronic pain
  • Menstrual and reproductive wellbeing
  • Death and grief
  • Healing from sexual, physical, mental or emotional trauma
  • Fear, anxiety and depression
  • Healing after abortion
  • Coming to terms with Adoption
  • Unhealthy or toxic relationships with yourself, family, friends, intimate others etc.
  • Overwhelming emotions such as anger, jealousy, frustration and lack
  • Self-worth, self-esteem and confidence
  • Work/Life balance
  • Identity crisis
  • Spiritual emergency

Or if you simply:

  • Have a burning desire to get to know who you truly
  • Know deep down, there is so much more to life than what you are currently experiencing





Through Shadow Walking I am going to guide you through a deep, meditative process that supports you in making friends with your shadow, your hidden side, to reveal, heal and integrate all that is buried there so you can make quick, significant changes to your life from the inside out.

You will meet aspects of yourself you have been disconnected from as a result of wounding, trauma and conditioning you have been exposed to, and break down the sub-conscious programming of habitual and detrimental belief and behaviour patterns that were created as a result.

You will also re-connect with any gifts, strengths, talents and high vibrational energies such as happiness, joy, love, excitement and pleasure that were lost to you at the time.

You will engage with your own self-healing process, changing your perception along the way, leading yourself into the deeper wisdom of body-consciousness, emotional intelligence, personal power and responsibility, living rooted in your body, with strong and healthy boundaries with integrity, commitment, honesty and trust.

You will experience what it means to live a soul-centred, awakened and embodied life, living in the present moment, paying attention to how your inner world is creating your outer reality at every given moment and how you have the choice to engage your free will at every opportunity to choose a very different outcome.

You will, in fact, take control of your life, in a way life never before!


Nicola Lucie - Shadow Work



I want to work with you if you are a passionate and soulful woman, who is ready to do what it takes to move out of your comfort zone and really face what is in your shadow to help you heal and integrate what is hidden there so you can live the best, most authentic version of yourself, deeply connected to your inner roots, your personal philosophy and core values, and living from a place of embodied presence.

The Shadow Walking Process is deep inner work, and as a result I create and respect a more integrative and supportive framework than traditional therapy. For example:

★ We work together on all levels – mind, body and soul – the three aspects which make us human, each having an equal role in our evolution, as an individual as part of the collective.

★ All sessions are typically 90mins and held via Zoom from the comfort of your own home – this means we are not restricted by time, allowing the work to unfold and flow as it needs to. Sometimes sessions can run over, at no extra cost to you, as it is important to complete whatever has come to the surface.

★ Afterwards, instead of being thrown harshly back into life to navigate traffic, day-to-day chores, returning to the workplace, etc. you are giving yourself permission and the space to honour and process the work you have done, engaging in self-care to allow the mind, body, emotions and spirit to recalibrate much quicker.

Once the appointment has been set, the work will naturally begin. You will be asked to pay attention to what is happening in your life, triggers you are experiencing, certain energies you are manifesting, people and relationships which may become highlighted, as this tends to give us a pointer as to what is coming to the surface to be healed and integrated.

★ Remembering we are bringing more attention and awareness into our lives by making the unconscious, conscious, shining a light on what has been hidden in the darkness to be revealed, healed and integrated.



This is the first step for those of you who are new to Shadow Walking and want to experience the profound magic of making friends with your shadow to reveal, heal and integrate a part of yourself that has been lost to you. This is a single session, that typically lasts approx 90mins, and you will receive an audio recording of the session within 24hrs.

What’s Included:

  • 1 x 90min Shadow Walking Session via Zoom
  • Audio Recording of the Session



This package of four Shadow Walking sessions is ideal for those who would like to explore their shadow, soul and psyche a little bit deeper. Each session builds upon the one before giving you a container to move through your journey and bring more understanding into your patterns, behaviours and belief system so you can step more fully into your personal power and responsibility, creating a stronger inner foundation from which to live your life.

Sessions can be taken weekly or bi-weekly and a payment plan is available at no extra cost. (Please email me here to request)

What’s Included:

  • 4 x 90min Sessions Via Zoom
  • An audio recording of each session within 24hrs


The Shadow Walking Intensive is only open to those of you who are truly dedicated redefining your relationship with your body, getting to know exactly who you are, without the deeper threads of conditioning through family, society, religion, culture, and environment and the identity you have created for yourself through them that do not align with your own truth, personal philosophy and core values.

This is no ordinary journey, for you will have to engage with your inner cosmos with acute attention to bring awareness into every aspect of your life, your interactions, habits, behaviours and belief systems.

We will engage three very special homeopathic remedies, to help support your process of unraveling and reweaving, and support the body in shifting the necessary energies to help you go deeper and move through and beyond.

You will experience a journey of profound insight and wisdom, rooting you back into the body, building a strong container and inner foundation from which to engage your personal power, trusting in yourself, asserting healthy boundaries and personal responsibility. You will drop into new found courage and strength, openness and vulnerability, empowering yourself to get comfortable being uncomfortable in the space of the unknown, the present moment.

It is a deeply transformative journey and your life will be changed, for to heal deeply is to transform greatly.

What’s Included:

  • A Total of 18 Sessions – 2/month via Zoom
  • An audio recording of each session within 24hrs
  • Full Whatsapp Chat Support
  • All Homeopathic Remedies


”Shadow Walking with Nicola resulted in me journeying right to the core of the Mother Wound which I have been carrying for most of this lifetime. Nicola holds space with integrity, compassion and love; the trust I feel when working with her empowers me to delve deep into unravelling the source of some of my self-destructive patterns and behaviours, no matter how painful.

Nicola’s teaching and wisdom have then taught me how to bring those shadow parts into balance. Translating that into everyday life: I can easily say that my life is transforming and changing at a rapid rate. I have discovered self-love, courage and personal boundaries. Feelings of guilt and shame are fading and diminishing.

Relationships with some family members are improving, most importantly with my Mum and Dad. Nicola has helped me to find my voice and gradually I am working towards standing in my truth. What does that mean? It means that I am no longer afraid to be me. This is only the beginning and I’m excited about what is to come.”

Gail, Marine Geophysicist

I took a series of 1:1’s with Nicola. I have been on many many journeys in my life, so I knew they would not be exactly as I wanted them to be. But the profound realisations and healing, past, present and ancestral, that have come to me from these sessions are such a relief. My exhale is so much more unrestricted.

All I can say is you’d have to meet her to get a glimpse of the sweetness that she exudes. I believe Nicola possesses a gift so pure and unobtrusive that great healing and realisations are sure to follow. I hope one day to meet and hug her in person.

And the work continues….”

Lisa McCabe, Yoga Teacher & Massage Therapist

“Having found Nicolas work by accident through a friend, it was exactly what I was searching for. I enjoyed being in a group of women where we all were ready to lay ourselves bare. I have been really nourished by Nicolas wisdom, teachings and support in the circle. The gift the work gave me was emotional fluidity and so lots of freedom in my mind and body. I would recommend this course to any woman who is looking to meet her shadows and transform them.”

Veena, Womb Yoga, Ayurvedic Massage, Ayurvedic Lifestyle & Nutrition

“When I discovered “Shadow Walking” sessions with Nicola I wasn’t very sure what they were or how they would benefit me, however I instinctively knew I had to do this work, and that Nicola was the one my soul had chosen and guided me towards to facilitate it.

Many of the sessions took me back to my teenage years or beyond where I experienced a lot of trauma, grief, fear, and abandonment. I was even transported to a past life in one session.

Although it was painful to revisit those events, Shadow Walking allowed me to recognise the unconscious patterns and instances throughout my life where I have continued to suffer or subconsciously carry the trauma linked to those times. It allowed me to free myself from the chains and forgive everyone involved, including myself so I could recapture the lost parts of me, and the girl I was prior to the trauma and grief.

Shadow Walking isn’t for the faint-hearted, but with courage and perseverance, I found that to allow myself to go there again, to the dark places and the shadows within me, there was by the end a feeling of freedom and release.

Since this work with Nicola, I have been unafraid to face my shadow self and the dark moments that inevitably show up in life.
I have found it’s where I have grown the most. Where I got to know myself at a deeper level than ever before, and recognise where and why I have attracted certain people or circumstances into my life. I have been able to clear karmic patterns and re-write the “story” I had been telling myself so that I no longer attract these patterns now or in the future.

I have definitely become more confident since the sessions, and am no longer afraid of being seen or heard. I have more flow in my life now and no longer feel the need to control outcomes. I see things more objectively and I notice I am not reacting to people the way I did before. I have taken my power back and stand fully in alignment with my Soul, having retrieved the missing parts of it that were attached to these old circumstances and situations. The parts that were holding me back, keeping me in fear and making me play small.

You have no idea how amazing this feels. So much self-empowerment.

Nicola holds space fantastically and shows a lot of love and compassion throughout her sessions. Her authenticity shines through in her work. I can not recommend this work with Nicola highly enough. If you are fed up of being tied to the old baggage or are sick of the same patterns playing out in your lifetime and time again then this work will release you from all of this.

It will bring you home to You.”

Jacqueline, Intuitive Energy Healer / Holistic Wellness Advocate