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1 x 60min Session via Zoom
An audio recording of the session within 24hrs


1) Upon completion of payment you will be redirected to complete a New Client Form

2) Upon completion of the New Client Form, you will then be re-directed to my online calendar to schedule your session

3) When you have booked your session in the calendar, I will contact you within 24hrs with the Zoom link, and more information about the session.


In providing the opportunity to book your first Shadow Waling Session and Pay What You Want through an ethically based pricing model, offers those with means to contribute without restriction and those with limited resources to be included – no limits, no restrictions, no barriers.

Shadow Walking is a movement towards social change, understanding there can be no outer revolution until there is a personal, inner revolution first.

Therefore inclusion, rather than exclusion is vital if we are to change the self-serving weave into one of reciprocal generosity.

All I ask is that you respect the fact, I am a professional offering a professional service. I am giving you my time, my energy, and sharing with you the incredible knowledge and tools of shadow integration work and I expect you to value this exchange.

The process of Shadow Walking is based on integrity, trust, honesty and commitment – therefore paying a fair price so neither feels exploited and creates a circle of goodwill, gratitude and social good.

You can choose to pay the recommended price of £110, pay more or less, it is entirely up to you.

Please note, I do not offer the session for free!

With Love & Gratitude,
Nicola x

All payments are taken via Stripe and all information provided is held in their secure encrypted system. No details apart from your name and email address are stored on Nicola Lucie & Shadow Walking