Shadow Walking - Shadow Work Books by Nicola Lucie


My intention is to offer many of my shadow work books, online courses and first time Shadow Walking Sessions available on an ethically based pricing model, meaning you get to “Pay What You Want” with a self-determined fee.

In other words: you decide how much you’d like to contribute to my work. Whether £8, £88, or £880 every pound helps me bring the profound magic of Shadow Walking into the collective to help support the paradigm shift and allows me to continue to offer my books and services as “Pay What You Want.”

With love, gratitude, and thanks in advance for your support and generosity.

Changing Perception - Five Tools of Shadow Work

Shadow Work is not simply a healing modality, it’s a way of life, a change in perception and an expansion of consciousness. It’s a labour of love for thyself, for humanity and for planet earth. It’s a walk back home into the body.

Therefore I invite you to change your perception with this collection of practices exploring the five tools of shadow work – Triggers, Projection, Polarities, Manifestation, and Mirrors.